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DIY braces are becoming increasingly popular and marketed worldwide as an inexpensive way to straighten your teeth. The problem is, there are so many complications that can arise when your treatment is not being properly monitored. When it comes to your dentist and Invisalign treatment, the fee is really for our expert opinion, diagnosis, and monitoring of the treatment.

THIS is a great post which further explains the complications which can occur when receiving DIY braces from someone other than a dentist or orthodontist. We've highlighted a few of the most important details below.

  • With DIY braces, you’re skipping over the expert opinion and diagnosis part. If you have aligners made by a dentist or orthodontist, they’ll examine you for problems that could make moving your teeth a little more difficult, or possibly very risky.

  • There are several steps your dentist or orthodontist will take to prepare your teeth for clear aligners (or braces). During this diagnosis, your gums will be checked for periodontal disease. When the gums and bones are in a state of active infection, they are not good candidates for moving the teeth. Moving the teeth anyway could lead to tooth loss.

  • It’s very important to have proper x-rays taken before moving any of your teeth. If a tooth is pushed with too much force, the root can be eaten away; if it’s not pushed with enough force, it won’t move. Plus, some people have short roots on their teeth (root resorption) from previous trauma, or genetics, and if these teeth are moved, they can become loose and be lost.

  • Due to these missing steps, more often than not, patients end up needing to have professionals "fix” what Smile Direct Club (or other DIY braces companies) did to their teeth. Issues range from bites that were messed up, gum recession, loose teeth, teeth that were still crooked after treatment, and teeth that relapsed (became crooked again) as soon as they finished their aligners.

  • The bottom line is this: When you explore the cost of DIY braces versus going to a professional, keep these risks in mind. You could end up spending double the money and double the time to have these DIY issues corrected.

Bright Inspired Dentistry offers FREE consultations and on-site smile analysis for patients interested in Invisalign treatment. All of our patients who have completed the treatment are EXTREMELY happy with their results. Our very own dentist, Dr. Boone, is even mid-treatment currently and a great source for questions about your own treatment.

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